Pre Need Planning Services

Debra and I, believe it’s important to plan ahead and that includes funeral arrangements so our family won’t have that added stress. We always said we would be cremated when the time came. We decided this many years ago but never did anything about it. Then a few weeks ago Debra invited a PreNeed Counselor in to talk about what we needed to do. I was shocked at the low cost of Pre arranging our funeral. We were able to purchase a “Direct Cremation” and pay for it over the next 3 years. I decided right then and there that I needed to offer the same peace of mind to my clients.

If you have been thinking about how to handle your final arrangements for cremation or burial we can help. You will be amazed at how simple the process is and how reasonable the cost.

I included some things to think about below. If this is something you have been thinking about but keep putting it off, then maybe now is the time to act. For a no pressure, no obligation meeting and presentation please call the office and schedule a time that is convenient for you to come in. Our telephone number is 623-224-4226.

Not everyone likes to plan ahead, and especially not for something like a funeral. However, there are a number of compelling reasons to arrange your final wishes long before you will need them. Here are the most common reasons:

Sadly, many families experience disputes and hard feelings when arranging for a loved one’s unexpected death. Because memories of the loved one’s wishes sometimes contradict each other, disagreements can easily arise. Such infighting and disunity can drive bitter emotions and damage the healing process. By making your plans now, your loved ones don’t have to guess at what you may have wanted; they will know you were remembered as you wanted to be.

Did you know that often more than 150 decisions and tasks must be completed within the first 24 to 48 hours after an individual’s passing? By arranging your final wishes ahead of time, you can ensure that your loved ones don’t have to wrestle over those details and decisions during their time of emotional upheaval. The ability to know everything is taken care of will allow proper remembrance and the first steps of healing.

All of your arrangements are guaranteed and will be carried out just as you have directed. You and your family can feel comfortable that although you won’t need the plans for years to come, when they are needed, they will be available and take care of. There is an immense peace knowing your wishes will be executed as you designed them, meaning those you care about will be able to remember you as you want them to.

As with nearly all products and services, inflation drives the cost of funerals up yearly. Preplanning and prefunding your final wishes generally ensures that your funeral is completely paid for—at today’s prices. While many people assume savings or life insurance will cover their final expenses, funerals must be paid for upfront, while many life insurance policies or bank accounts aren’t accessible to families until well after funeral services are rendered. By prefunding, your family isn’t left to decide who will pay for the funeral.